Looking to the Future

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Macclesfield Cricket Club, with the backing of their members, decided last spring (2010) that they would no longer pursue the sale of their existing site and proposed move to a new ground but to concentrate on upgrading and enhancing the facilities at their historic Victoria Rd and the adjoining Parkside ground.
The intention is to bring the facilities up to the level expected of one of the premier Sports and Cricket Clubs in the County the ultimate ambition is to bring the facilities and ground up to a standard that would once again allow us the opportunity to host representative cricket. The last match being in 1984.
The management committee is under no illusion as to how hard this will be, not least raising the necessary funds. The first stage is to plan what is required and how to get there. The committee is very aware of the part the local community can play in any redevelopment plans and have already engaged the community by way of an open evening to allow the committee to explain to neighbours their plans and allow our neighbours to give us their thoughts. Furthermore the club has looked within to find out what resources and capabilities their own members had that could be of use.
One such member was a tutor at the University of Salford and as a result of exploring this relationship the club have entered into a partnership with the University of Salford and their School of the Built Environment (architects, QSs, planners etc to you and me!) to redesign the facilities. Starting in February, 400+ students will be put into 40+ teams and will compete with each other to produce a preferred scheme. The winner will be announced in mid April.
The project will start in earnest on Thursday (10th Feb.) when the club’s management committee will take to the top table at a ‘Question Time’ scale event at Salford. This will allow the students the opportunity to question the committee about their specification brief and dig out more detail about their real life requirements and desires for the proposed upgrade to the facilities. To lend support and assistance to the management committee they will be accompanied by local councillors, Ainsley Arnold and John Narroway, and our local MP, David Rutley, who will chair the Question Time session.
It is an exciting project which will give the students experience on a ‘real’ scheme as well as producing for the club a design on which to progress their ambition. At the moment the BBC is proposing to film the project.
Recognising that any such scheme and associated plans will take some time to complete, the clubhouse has undergone a refurbishment during the winter to improve the facilities for both the members and community alike.

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