Cricket Club Awards 2011

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1XI Team – Winners of the League Fair Play Award
4XI Batsman of the Year – James Cross
4XI Bowler of the Year – Jamie Winrow (collected on Jamie’s behalf by Azzy Khan)
4XI Player of the Year – Darren Foy
3XI Batsman of the Year – James Cross
3XI Bowler of the Year – Steve Horrocks
3XI Player of the Year – Mark Knight
3XI Most Improved Player – Adam Longshaw
2XI Batsman of the Year – Jon Scragg (collected on Jon’s behalf by Andy Moores)
2XI Bowler of the Year – Steve Whittingham
2XI Player of the Year – Jimmy Knight (collected on Jimmy’s behalf by Mark Knight)
Best Fieldsman in Club – Ben Morrison (collected on Benno’s behalf by Rick Hough)
Clubman of the Year for Outstanding Service – Gary Foy (collected on Gary’s behalf by Darren Foy)
1XI Bowler of the Year – Rob Porter
1XI Batsman of the Year – Khalid Sawas
1XI Player of the Year – Rob Porter
SPECIAL THANKS – Micky Jones, David Jones & Phil Jones of P.R. Jones Jewellers who have generously had the Club trophies engraved free of charge to the Club. Thank you Gentlemen – much appreciated. It goes without saying that as supporters and sponsors of Macclesfield Cricket Club, please support P.R. Jones Jewellers whenever possible.

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