Macc CC Race Night 2013

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Hi Everyone. Race night is fast approaching and we’re very excited about it. Perfect way to introduce the new season and say hello to familiar and new faces alike.

In order for it to run as smoothly and succesfully as possible, we need your help with each of the following:
Come along! – We’d like as many people from the club as possible. It’s a family friendly event and we would love to see you all.
Invite your family, friends and colleagues – The more people we get down the better the atmosphere. Everyone’s welcome to have a flutter and help support the club so bring everyone.
Buy a horse – Horses for each race are on sale for just £2 each. The winning horse will win it’s owner a lovely prize. See the list below for a look at the horses and to select your favourites. Email Ben to arrange payment or pay on the night
Donate a prize – We are also in need of prizes to be donated. Please contact if you can donate anything at all. We’re talking bottles of booze, vouchers, books, anything of value you don’t need anymore.

Remember, a club like ours is only as good as it’s members so please get involved as much as you can. Email/facebook/text/call me as soon as you can so I can get an idea of where we’re up to. Entry on the door is £5 and delicious food will be available.

If you haven’t already, join our Facebook and Twitter pages for up to date information and to let us know what you can provide. @MacclesfieldCC

See you Friday

Ben Morrison

1st Race
1. Nurse by Sexy Bedbaths
2. Appendix by Taken Out
3. Lipposuction by Kiss Me
4. Haemorroids by Pile of Fun
5. X Rays by Photo Finish
6. Implants by Boobed Again
7. Broken Bones by Get Plastered
8. Doctors by Operations

2nd Race
1. Goalie by Let’s in Again
2. Left Back by In The Dressing Room
3. Right Back by In A Jiffy
4. Centre Half by The Tall Guy
5. Midfield by Tackles a Lot
6. Centre Forward by Scores Again
7. Wingers by Both Flanks
8. Reserves by On The Bench

3rd Race
1. Whisky by A Go Go
2. Champagne by Loadsa Bubbles
3. Martini by Shaken Not Stirred
4. Lager by XXX Off
5. Brandy by I’m Feelin Andy
6. Cocktails by Straw Umbrellas
7. Bitter by The Cream Flow
8. Vodka by The Pride of Russia

4th Race
1. Sky Sports by On All The Time
2. UK Gold by The Old Classics
3. Disney Channel by Taking The Mickey
4. Price Drop TV by Go Going Gone
5. Fantasy Channel by It’s Up All Night
6. C Beebies by It’s a Kid’s Thing
7. ITV2 by Repeats Repeats Repeats
8. BBC by What’s a License

5th Race
1. Trains by Always Late
2. Boats by Hello Sailor
3. Planes by High Flyers
4. Joggers by Oops Sore Nipples
5. Buses by Tickets to Ride
6. Vans by Always in Transit
7. Taxis by the Long Way Round
8. Hitch Hikers by Thumbs Up

6th Race
1. Rugby Players by Odd Balls
2. Cricketers by Get Stumped A Lot
3. Tennis Players by What a Racket
4. Boxers by It’s a Knockout
5. Anglers by Fishy Things
6. Golfers by Putt Their Balls on Tees
7. Rowing by Coxless Fours
8. Hockey by Who Gives a Puck

7th Race
1. Coronation Street by Northerners
2. Eastenders by Southerners
3. Dallas by Yankie Doodle Dandies
4. Neighbours by Down Under
5. El Dorado by Spanish Waiters
6. Brookside by Nor More
7. Hollyoaks by Hot Babes
8. Emmerdale by The Woolpackers

8th Race
1. Darts by Three in a Bed
2. Pool by At The Deep End
3. Dominoes by Spot The Difference
4. Bingo by Your Number’s Up
5. Fruit Machines by Fill It’s Slots
6. Poker by A Bit of Red Hot Stuff
7. Skittles by Bowled Over
8. Karaoke by Just Sing Along

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